Enter a world of darkness and insanity with Obscura. An exciting original idea from creators, Luke Cartwright and Lukasz Wnuczek. A project which took seven years in the making for the birth of a new era of cutting edge graphic novels.
OBSCURA is the debut graphic novel from Australian writer, Luke Cartwright, featuring art by Lukasz Wnuczek. 

Seven years in the making, Luke Cartwright’s epic, 170-page graphic novel OBSCURA is nearly with us. 

The book spins a chilling yarn from the creepiest aspects of the Victorian era. 

Van Diemen’s Land, 1870. William Morier is a 12-year-old mortician, enraptured by the beautiful, ghost-conjuring sisters Catherine and Annabel White. One day Annabel’s corpse arrives at William’s funeral home, her death a mystery. 

A decade later, William marries Catherine, who confesses to her charlatan conjuring act as a young girl. When she suffers a life-threatening ectopic pregnancy, William is desperate to raise the cash to pay for her operation.  

William becomes a fraudulent ‘spirit photographer.’ He sneaks into morgues and hospitals to photograph the corpses of rich men. He props them up with wooden stakes, and uses his mortician’s skills to bring them back to life. Then, he visits their widows, promising he can sense their husband’s spirit. He shoots the widow using the same photographic plate, and superimposes the dead man so he appears to haunt the scene. The widows splurge their inherited fortunes on these ‘spirit photographs.’

But when a police officer discovers one of the “spirits” from William’s photos alive and working as a butcher downtown, William sinks to grave-digging, body-snatching depravity to keep the scam alive.

Obscura is a page-turning journey into darkness and the awakening of a nightmares which will stick in your mind forever. The writing is very descriptive and entertaining throughout. Luke Cartwright’s imagination flows into a ravelling of atmospheric macabre which blends beautifully dark with the noire-style artistry of Lucasz Wnuczek. I feel like I am lost within a realm, a dream of surreal realities and shadows. The title is also eye-catching and attentive to the reader. I look forward to reading more exciting books from the Obscura team.

The book will be available worldwide through Markosia in the coming months.

Please visit obscuracomic.com for more information including an exclusive 30-page preview of the debut graphic novel, Obscura.