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Anything Geek Culture was created by Jose J. Becerra Jr. in the fall of 2016.  He wrote for from 2010 until they shut down operations in 2016.  As a writer for Examiner, Jose reviewed comic books, animation/anime, and geek-cultured movies.  Shortly after Examiner shut down, Jose was anxious to pursue another writing position, and with the assistance of his spouse, he found employment with Impulse Gamer.  Albeit short, the different time zones made it difficult to write for the Australian-based website.  What Jose’s been wanting is a geek-cultured publication of his own, where the sky is the limit, and henceforth…came the creation of Anything Geek Culture.


With the new publication, the website needed a logo.  Jose contacted artist friend, Justin Wagner of Custom Gravity, to design the new logo.  Not only was it a representation of the new website, but the logo was far and beyond expectations.  Now that it’s starting to come together, previous articles that were reviewed by Jose, on Examiner, will now be transferred here on Anything Geek Culture (with updated modifications).  Week after week, new independent comic books are being released, and these are the books that will be featured here.  Some independents are so good, story and art, but the books don’t receive the exposure they deserve, so that’s the primary purpose of this publication.  These are the books that Jose likes to call, “Hidden Gems,” true masterpieces, and they’re out there, waiting for people to read and visualize…

Official stamp for “Hidden Gems.”

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