The Legendary Gold Bruce Lee fighting his way through the POP IN THE BOX universe

Fighting his way into the Funko world is the legendary and iconic martial artist, actor, Bruce Lee. A new exclusive range of exciting, action-packed fighting Funkos have arrived into the POP IN A BOX arena and he’s ready to deliver a fast-action kick and a golden punch to be part of your collection.

The legendary Dragon is fighting for gold!

The current line of fighting treasures include, Bruce Lee-Enter The Dragon (White Pants) edition, Bruce Lee-Enter The Dragon (Gold) edition, Bruce Lee-Game Of Death (Kicking) (Gold) edition.and the featured figure, Bruce Lee- Game of Death (gold) Each special edition vinyl figure is inspired from legendary Bruce Lee films, such as, the box office hit, Enter The Dragon and his last ever film, Game of Death. Each figure measures 3.34 inches tall and they come in their own presentation window box with special edition sticker. Prices range from £14.99 and subscribers receive a 10% discount and automatically gain exclusive access to the VIP STORE. Subscribe today and start saving and take home a piece of the Bruce Lee legacy today! Keep a track of your collection with the PIAB POP TRACKER which simplifies your online ordering experience and eases the shopping convenience for every customer so you won’t receive the same item twice. The Legacy of Bruce Lee at POP IN A BOX is waiting for you!

photo credits-Leah Crowley, 2019