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The AGC Ratings System

One of the main factors of review websites are the ratings, mostly represented by stars.  The re-posted reviews on Anything Geek Culture (AGC) from the former Examiner news site, the ratings will remain the same with the “star ratings.”  Although these selected reviews were transferred on to this publication (and re-edited for grammar mechanics, punctuation, and updated material), the star ratings were left as-is for the nostalgia of those reviews.  But I wanted something different for the new reviews that are being published specifically for AGC, not star ratings, something unique to this publication, something that fits the theme of geek culture…GEEK HEADS!

Here’s the 1/4 rating, or .1 to .4 rating…geek02quarterthumb

Here’s the 1/2 or .5 rating…geek02halfthumb

Here’s the 3/4 or .6 to .9 rating…geek02threequarterthumb

…and finally, here’s the full rating.  5 Geek-Heads and it’s a perfect book!geek02thumb

A very special thank you goes out to my artist friend, MK, for designing the “Geek” for me.  I told you my idea, and you really came through for me with this design.  Not only is it unique, but it will fulfill my dreams for this website like I couldn’t even imagine!


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