The Munsters” is a classic American TV series from the 1960’s. The series starred Fred Gwynne as Frankenstein’s monster named Herman Munster, Yvonne De Carlo as Lily Munster, Herman‘s vampiric wife and Al Lewis as Lily‘s father, but known as “Grandpa” or “Count Dracula.” Herman and Lily also have a werewolf son named Eddie, played by Butch Patrick, and a teenage niece named Marilyn, who is known to be the “attractive one,” since she’s not a monster. This black-and-white series ran for two seasons from 1964-1966, with a total of 70 episodes. There were also five movies and a rebooted series, but in my opinion, the reboot didn’t capture the fun and joy that the original series had.

There were other attempts to remake “The Munsters,” but none of them saw the light of day. Fast forward to the present day (2021), when it was announced that Rob Zombie earned the rights to write and direct a feature-length film. After this news was made public, people reacted with mixed feelings. Some cringed that Rob Zombie was writing and directing, others were excited to learn more about this film. Me, personally, I wait until the first trailer drops before I make any judgements. On June 8, 2022, Universal Studios released the teaser trailer, and you can see it below…

Trailer courtesy of Universal Pictures All-Access.

After seeing this trailer, a lot of people were hopeful for this film. Some still complained about the differences compared to the original actors, specifically Grandpa having a mustache. In the real world, things and people…change. At this point, I was impressed. Below is the official movie poster…

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The official trailer dropped a few hours ago, hence this post. People need to remember that this is a prequel to the original series, before Herman and Lily were married. So Eddy or Marilyn won’t be in this film, although rumors are going around that Butch Patrick has a cameo in this film, as he should. Below is the official trailer for Rob Zombie‘s take on “The Munsters.” Let me know if you’re excited to see this…or if you think this will flop and you won’t waste your time watching this. As for me, I’ll give it a chance, then I can give this film a full review on here! The Munsters premieres in September of 2022!

Trailer courtesy of Universal Pictures All-Access.
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