Super ‘Suckers #3” is broken down into three issues (numbered as 3.1, 3.2, and 3.3), as was the previous story arc for Issue #2.  This review will be for the entire story arc of Issue #3, titled, “Shore ‘Nuff.”  The story is by Darin Henry, scripted by Darin Henry, Jenn Lloyd, and Kevin Bonani, pencil and ink art by Jeff Shultz, colored by Glenn Whitmore, and lettered by Marshall DillonSitcomics are unique because of their rating system.  Instead of having an “All-Ages,” “Teen+,” or “Mature,” ratings system, they go by a TV schedule.  “7:00-8:00” refers to ages “9+,” and “9:00” refers to “Teens and Up.” This series is rated “9:00” for this simple reason, because of college humor!

“Super ‘Suckers” Issue 3 Binge Book Cover

The cover above is the “Binge Book” cover, which collects the third story into one collected graphic novel.  It’s also the same cover for Issue #3.1, but with minor differences.  What’s been fun about reviewing the “Super ‘Suckers” series is introducing the newer cast of characters from the current stories of the books I’m reviewing.  Each story arc has new characters coming and going, so without further ado, here are some of the new cast members of the third story:


?????:  From the image above, this female character looks a tad bit older than the main cast, and she looks like she’s wearing a nurse’s dress and cap.  Why is she smitten with Stewart?  Those are a lot of hearts floating above her head!  Read on to find out more about her.

Spencer:  As stated above, he’s the good-looking male character for this story arc.  Wearing lifeguard shorts and the title of the story being, “Shore ‘Nuff,” we can only guess that this story will take place on the beach, and this is where readers will be introduced to Spencer.  Only by reading this story will you find out about Spencer‘s characteristics and the things that happen to him.


Jonas:  Vera and Stewart meet Jonas for the first time at the beach.  Jonas is dating Rho Rho Rho sorority sister, CloverJonas is convinced that Kelly and Jess are in a lesbian relationship, since the two girls showed up together at the beach for the sorority couples’ weekend.  He’s also a tool, so Kelly and Jess aren’t too fond of Jonas.


Clover:  Clover seems to be a gentle, kind person.  She introduces herself to Stewart upon meeting him for the first time.  Then she introduces Stewart and us, the readers, to her boyfriend Jonas.  I kind of wish she didn’t.  Just saying…


Blaine:  Blaine is Lyric‘s boyfriend.  He’s good friends with Jonas, but he doesn’t seem to be as annoying as Jonas.  Still, he favors Jonas over Stewart during a Frisbee match at the beach. After all, Blaine is the judge during the match-up!


Virgil:  Virgil is Summer‘s boyfriend.  He’s a bit of a beefcake and is the one who brings out the Frisbee.  Once Jonas issues a challenge to Stewart (loser buys all the beer for that night), Virgil takes on the role as server of the Frisbee throws.  Naturally, he gives Jonas a double “wink” to assure a victory for his friend.

“Super ‘Suckers” Issue 3.2 Cover

Super ‘Suckers #3” begins with Vera riding her moped and Stewart is riding in the sidecar reading the Sitcomic, “The Blue Baron.”  Out of nowhere, Vera stumbles upon a guy who’s riding his motorcycle, and he continuously makes fun of Vera‘s weight and for riding a moped.  Of course, Stewart doesn’t realize this because he has his face stuck in his comic book.  I like to call the motorcyclist “Sea Biscuit” due to what happens to him at the end of the ride.  Like they say, karma’s a bitch!  When Vera and Stewart arrive at the beach for the sorority couples’ weekend, all the introductions to the new characters commence, and a Frisbee contest is called out by Jonas.  Who wins?  Who loses, Jonas or Stewart?  Also, what is up with the lifeguard, Spencer?  Add to this, the biggest mistake Jess made at the beach.

“Super ‘Suckers” Issue 3.3 Cover

The story shifts over to the hospital, where readers will see the ones who got injured at the beach, and then there’s the nurse from the cast of characters page (who is also on the cover of issue 3.3), what’s her deal?  Why is she so into Stewart?  Better question, what are her future plans with Stewart?  Will she make his life full of “Misery?”  What does Kelly have to do in order to prove that she’s not in a relationship with Jess, or a lesbian at that?  Will Kelly prove Jonas wrong?  And what is up with Spencer?  The one thing I will say is that Kelly is awesome!  Readers will know what I mean once they read this entire story arc…

Kelly’s right, need I say more?

Super ‘Suckers #3” is another enjoyable story from this creative team over at Sitcomics.  The opening pages add crude humor, but at the same time, things like this happen in the real world.  The scenes at the beach are humorous, cringing due to certain characters, and has the right amount of action.  Once the plot shifts over to the hospital, things get out of control; these are the moments in the book where reading the dialog and seeing these characters in action are so much fun!  The great thing is that this story takes a complete 180, and then there are elements that turn this story into something that could come out of a horror story.  It’s all here, comedy, drama, action, romance, and yes…horror/thriller moments as well!  By this point, the characters have grown on me, and this is easily one of my favorite comedy/school life independent comic book titles to date.  Don’t miss out on this one, especially if you read independent titles and/or favor reading books of this genre(s).  I rate “Super ‘Suckers #3: Shore ‘Nuff” 4.6 out of 5 Geek Heads.  You can purchase the digital comics on comiXology by clicking on the issue numbers below:

Super ‘Suckers #3.1

Super ‘Suckers #3.2

Super ‘Suckers #3.3



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