*UPDATED on Friday, September 6, 2019:

This campaign has ended, pledges can no longer be made. This page will be kept online for nostalgic purposes.

The newest “Lady Death” Kickstarter launched on Wednesday, August 7, 2019!  This page doesn’t feature all of the reward tiers, so in order to see them all, click on the official Kickstarter page HERE (or on any of the green highlighted “Kickstarter” links throughout this excerpt page).  To start things off, here’s the official Kickstarter video:

Below is the hardcover image for the new “Lady Death: Blasphemy Anthem #1”  original graphic novel from Brian Pulido and the crew over at Coffin Comics. Also, once the “Stretch Goals” become available, I will post them on here as well!


For those who aren’t familiar with the Lady Death story line, here’s some information taken directly from the Kickstarter page:

Lady Death: a tale of innocence betrayed and then reborn as a powerful force capable of challenging the very roots of evil itself.  Her legend dates back to the dark ages.  She was a beautiful, young woman named Hope, but tricked by demons, she renounced her humanity to save her mother’s soul and was condemned to Hell.  To survive, she harnessed the darkness within and forged herself into the warrior dreaded by all who cross her path.  To know her is to know a woman cursed, but to oppose her is to know eternal agony.

Lady Death has been an anime film, tons of cool merchandise and has had eight successful Kickstarter campaigns!  Her legions of fans are called “FIENDS” and if you love Lady Death and Coffin Comics, you are SWORN!!!

The New Story, Lady Death: Blasphemy Anthem #1

In the wake of the tragic events revealed in Lady Death “Scorched Earth,the extinction level villainy of The Trinity threatens humanity, the Halo Corporation threatens Lady Death and the Hellbourne Sect appear to be the puppet masters behind it all.  To defeat these threats for once and for all, THE SWORN, a group of supernatural anti-heroes are assembled.


Led by the shape-changing were-woman STEELHEART.

MICHAEL the warrior Archangel.

WARGOTH, near immortal of the Everkind.

ZACK and ZANE ZANDER, supernatural exterminators extraordinaire.

The mysterious master of the occult: MR. ATTICUS MARROW.

Elemental witch-in-training CHAOTICA.

Dimension jumper HELLSLINGER.

And introducing LADY SATANUS, the daughter of the DEVIL.

What is Lady Death’s role in all this?  Is she an ally, or an enemy of The Sworn?

It all comes down to this, and I promise, in the end, Lady Death is irrevocably changed forever!!!!

Here is the graphic of the creative team behind this project:


Once you click on the various Kickstarter links throughout this page, follow the instructions on the web page if you’ve never backed a project on Kickstarter, then you can pledge to the tier that peaks your interest.  The great thing about Brian Pulido’s Kickstarter projects are if you have any questions, Nick Gallegos of customer service is on it, he responds quick! So get clicking!  Make those pledges now!  In closing, here’s six pages of preview art from the Kickstarter page!  As us veteran Lady Death fans would say, “SWORN TO THE BLACK!” and of course, “LONG LIVE LADY DEATH!








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