Publisher- DC Comics
Published Dates- #1- 22nd August 2018          
            #2- 26th September 2018
                  #3- 24th October 2018         
            #4- 28th November 2018
                  #5- 19th December 2018      
        #6- 9th January 2019

32 Pages; Colour

Variant covers- Bill Sienkiewicz

Story-Scott Peterson
Illustrator- Kelley Jones
Colourist- Michelle Madsen
Letterer- Rob Leigh
Cover- Scott Peterson, Kelley Jones
Variant covers- Bill Sienkiewicz

The Dark Knight returns in the latest miniseries unleashed by DC Comics, Including the talents of legendary artist, Kelley Jones and writer, Scott Peterson. This miniseries takes me back to classic moments of seeing the caped crusader dashing through the murky Gotham streets on the hunt for the next chapter closure of justice. Kings of Fear is an explosive adrenalin-paced story with a dark psychological twist. Within the pages, Batman is confronted with his worst possible fears whilst under the influence of Scarecrow’s gas causing emotional and psychotic episodes while confronting the master of all fears. Along the way, a host of classic villains appear, such as The Riddler, Joker, The Penguin and Scarecrow.  Batman- Kings of Fear is brilliantly scripted along with stunning illustrations.. This is an explosive series which will appeal to many readers. 

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