**UPDATED on Saturday, April 20, 2019:

This campaign has ended, pledges can no longer be made.  This page will be kept online for nostalgic purposes.

With 108 backers and $2894 goal…this Indiegogo campaign has been fully funded, bringing this project to life!  Big thanks to everyone who pledged to this Indiegogo project and for those who shared this project on social media!

Raymond Leonard is back with his second story arc for his creator owned comic book series, “Agent Solo!”  I discussed this when I interviewed Raymond last month (read the interview HERE).  The premiere “Agent Solo” one-shot comic book was offered through the crowdfunding site, Kickstarter, and it was funded in five days.  This time, Raymond is offering his newest installment of “Agent Solo” on the other crowdfunding site, Indiegogo, and you can view the project and support it by clicking HERE, or on the vivid pink colored “Indiegogo” words throughout this excerpt.  Check out the official “Agent Solo” trailer for this new project below:

First and foremost, here’s the graphic of the creative team (and their backgrounds) of “Agent Solo,” taken directly from the Indiegogo page:


For new readers of “Agent Solo,” here’s my review of the premiere, one-shot issue, that received Anything Geek Culture‘s first perfect rating of 5 out of 5 “Geek-Heads!”  The official graphic below also gives readers a better idea on the protagonist of this series:


A crowdfunding campaign wouldn’t be complete without the rewards.  This is what makes these campaigns unique, it varies from tier to tier, and the backers can decide on which rewards are best suited for them.  Of course, the higher the tier, the more rewards backers will receive.  Here is the graphic that breaks these rewards down:


But this isn’t everything that’s being offered!  Click on the Indiegogo links throughout this page to visit the official “Agent Solo” campaign, view all of the rewards, and consider backing this project!  Below are some preview pages from the campaign…






Raymond Leonard is one of the hardest working men in comics today.  In addition to working a full-time job, he comes home and gets on his drawing board to make his comics; his creations a reality.  Raymond doesn’t mess around, when he says he’s going to work on some comic book pages, he gets them done!  It’s fun watching him draw his comic pages or pin-ups when he goes live on social media.  Raymond pays attention to details, and he makes sure that his projects are completed prior to the completions of his campaigns.  This is where YOU come in!  The funding goes into the cost of printing, shipping, and of course, making sure that the creative team gets paid for their work on this series.  So please consider viewing this campaign by clicking HERE, and most importantly, make a pledge to back this project and earn some great rewards!  For as little as $5, you can read the digital version of this book.  Prefer a printed copy?  Not a problem, it’ll be as little as $10 + shipping charges.  Let’s get this project fully funded, earn some awesome rewards, and look forward to another great story in the “Agent Solo” Universe!  Act fast, this campaign will end in 31 days!  I thank you for taking the time to view this excerpt, and if you can’t help fund this book, it’s okay, spread the word by sharing the link on social media!



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