**UPDATED on Sunday, November 11, 2018:

This campaign has ended, pledges can no longer be made.  This page will be kept online for nostalgic purposes.

Before I get to the review for “Geek-Girl Volume 2 #3: Crime War Part 3,” I wanted to spread the word for creator/writer Sam Johnson‘s LIVE Kickstarter campaign that launched earlier this morning!  For starters, here’s the official teaser trailer that is featured on the Kickstarter page:

Here are some words from Sam Johnson, taken directly from the Kickstarter page:

Hi, I’m Sam, the creator/writer of Geek-Girl – a comic series I have BIG plans for! 🙂

Published by Markosia, the first Mini-Series came out monthly from November 2016, with its first Collection, Geek-Girl Vol.1: Lightning Strikes! released in August 2017.

The new 4-issue Geek-Girl Series – featuring the ‘Crime War’ story arc – is a great Jumping-On point for new readers – in which we find the original Geek-Girl hospitalized and a new Geek-Girl taking on the role – with little experience and up against BIG threats! 

I’m passionate about the Geek-Girl series, and invested in its world – and one of the aims with the new Kickstarter is to get GG’s audience big enough to warrant making the series ongoing. The whole creative team are already signed up. 🙂

🙂 Sam

Here is a collage I made and other promo images to hype up this Kickstarter campaign:




With 118 backers and £2,757 of £1,911 goal ($3,579.25 of $2,480.94)…this Kickstarter campaign has been fully funded, bringing this project to life!  Big thanks to everyone who pledged to this Kickstarter project and for those who shared this project on social media!

Now, onto the review for “Geek-Girl Volume 2 #3: Crime War Part 3…


Geek-Girl Volume 2 #3: Crime War Part 3”  is written by Sam Johnson, art by Carlos Granda, colors by Chunlin Zhao, and lettered by Paul McLaren.  This issue has 28 pages and this third installment has a release date of October 17, 2018 from Markosia Comics.  The rating is Teen+ and the price retails at $2.99.  The tagline for this issue is this:  “Nina Dante gets an experimental new power for her rematch with Geek-Girl – and Summer is in BIG trouble!”  Seeing Nina Dante on the cover is nice to see, considering we haven’t seen a full appearance of her since Volume 1, Issue 2 (“Lightning Strikes” story arc), albeit she has a cameo appearance in the last issue.  But…what is she up to?


What makes this series so great is the recaps they have before every issue.  This is helpful for new readers to catch up with the previous story-lines and pick up where the current story takes place.  I highly recommend reading the previous installments of “Geek-Girl”  because the storytelling is brilliant, magnificent, unlike any other super-hero story you’ve read before.  This, and the characters will be ones that readers will care for and relate to.  In this world, in this life, nobody’s perfect, people make mistakes, and Geek-Girl (both Ruby Kaye and Summer James) prove that with super powers, well…they’re not so super.  The artwork and colors are what really bring these characters to life, visually.


Geek-Girl Volume 2 #3: Crime War Part 3” picks up where Issue 2 left off, and Summer is lucky to have “someone” show up to help her fight a giant robot, courtesy of Chromex.  The title for this story is, “The Welcoming Party,” and it’s all about Ruby‘s “so-called-friends” celebrating the fact that Ruby came out of her coma, so the girls go out for drinks at “Raleigh’s.”  There are banners noting Geek-Girl as their hero of the state of Maine.  Inside, Ruby and friends have a roped-off V.I.P. table waiting for them.  Meanwhile, back at Summer‘s place, she’s getting ready to meet up with her friends, and here readers will see the big decision Summer makes before heading out the door.


The two pages that follow reveal what Nina is up to, and the changes she’s going to be making.  Back at Raleigh’s, Ruby is enjoying her new celebrity status.  Summer finally shows up with a key item to give to Ruby.  Things are a little awkward with Ruby and Summer due to the events of the previous issue.  It’s like knowing you made a best friend upset, but your bestie forgives you…yet, not full forgiveness.  Readers will sense the tension by reading these panels.  Then, when things couldn’t get worse, Nina enters the club and makes a scene.  What happens next?  Wait and see when this issue comes out on October 17, 2018!  You can pre-order it on comiXology by clicking HERE.


What makes this series enjoyable is the characterization.  It’s not your typical super-hero comic where someone gains super powers, trains hard, confronts super powered foes, and kicks major ass issue after issue.  No, Geek-Girl isn’t perfect.  Her friends don’t accept her at first.  Both Geek-Girls screw up pretty bad, their lives (normal and heroic) are just as crappy as the average person, and that’s what makes this series so special.  It’s relatable.  This is a comic book series that’s so well presented, readers will be excited when new issues come out!  There’s never a dull moment in the Geek-Girl universe, big kudos to the creative team!


The story moves along very well in this issue, and as in previous installments, the story, art, colors, and lettering truly bring this book to life.  I rate “Geek-Girl Volume 2 #3: Crime War Part 3” 4.8 Geek-Heads out of 5, this story has a nice mix of action, emotion, drama, and humor.  Everything meshes well in this issue and has a cliffhanger that’ll definitely make you want to come back for the finale!  The question remains, who will be the true Geek-Girl, Ruby Kaye or Summer James?

Order “Geek-Girl Volume 2 #3: Crime War Part 3” on comiXology by clicking HERE, or through DriveThru Comics by clicking HERE.  Visit the official Geek-Girl website by clicking HERE.



Geek-Girl and all characters/contents copyright © 2018 Sam Johnson.