**UPDATED on Thursday, September 27, 2018:

This campaign has ended, pledges can no longer be made.  This page will be kept online for nostalgic purposes.

You wanted it! Photobook 1 Ultimate Edition is here with Cara Nicole AZ Powergirl Cosplay goodness!

The most requested thing I have done!! Photobook 1 is here for you! This Ultimate Edition is what you have been waiting for. We are bringing you more pages, more stories and way more of Cara’s cosplay mayhem.

Official video for “Cara Nicole AZ Powergirl Photobook 1 Ultimate Edition:

Cara Nicole AZ Powergirl  is releasing her latest book titled, “Cara Nicole AZ Powergirl Photobook 1 Ultimate Edition,” and this is the re-release of her first Photobook with additional pages, stories, and Cara’s “Cosplay Mayhem.” For people who missed out on the first Photobook, this is a great opportunity to own this ultimate edition!  The perks vary from reserving the Photobook 1 Ultimate Edition on its own, to ordering all 3 Photobooks for those who missed out on all editions.  All tiers for print copies include a signed photo postcard as a bonus!  Additional prints are being offered as well, and the stretch goals increase as more Photobooks for this campaign grow.  Following are some blurbs from Cara Nicole AZ Powergirl at the official campaign page:



Hopefully some of you already know who I am and what I’m about. For those of you that don’t, I am a professional cosplayer, model, comic book colorist. I also ran for office in the state of Arizona, I have passed legislature that benefits children, and I have fostered puppies this year.

I am a HUGE supporter of cosplay, as a craft, as a passion and as a means to live. I strongly believe cosplay is for everyone and I love the impact that it has had in my life. This book is a compilation of photos from my cosplay beginning plus some added content that has never been printed before. 12 Extra Pages!  ❤


The Photobook series has been INSANELY successful! Thousands of books, which are comic sized, vibrant full color and filled with costumes, have gone with you faithful fans. However, Photobook 1 has not been available for 5 years! I decided to make an Ultimate Edition to bring this to more of you, my lovely fans and supporters.


The Impact:

I have so many messages from people wanting to complete their collection with Photobook 1. I did several print runs of it back in 2012 and they flew off the shelves and off my convention table. These are very hard to find! To me, the book is a symbol of what cosplay can be, what it can do. And you get to have a copy of your own! It will also have additional content from that era as well, and we’ll have some great extras and bonuses as well ❤


The normal spiel: I’ve taken on a substantial investment by curating images, building the book and finding good printing. This is on top of the time and effort of having built the costumes, shooting with the photographers and editing the images.  Please please please, share! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, etc etc That way no one misses out on this amazing book. Also, join my Patreon and see new content material first.”

Exclusive Print By Bald Pirate Photography
Exclusive METAL Print By Dan Wickline


PHOTOBOOK 3. For those of you yet to own my latest new book, The AZ Powergirl Photobook 3 is being made available to you at a discounted price for being a supporter of this campaign. To get Book 3, simply add $10 to your already existing pledge and you will receive both your incentive from this campaign and book 3. It’s as simple as that!


Thanks in advance for supporting this book just as you have supported my cosplay overall. Here are some incentives to help things along. Don’t forget to share this on your social media and watch the campaign for the book grow:

25 Book Perk Stretch Goal

GOAL: “25 perks claimed. REWARD: Everyone participating in those pledges receives a free comic book sized print of me as Powergirl!”  ACHIEVED!

50 Book Perk Stretch Goal

GOAL:  “50 book perks claimed.  REWARD: Everyone participating in those pledges receives a free comic book sized print of me as White Phoenix!  More stretch goals will be revealed as the lower ones are met!”  For $25, this Ultimate Edition Photobook can be yours, but pledge soon, this campaign will end in 8 days!  Again, take a look at all the tiers and more photos by clicking HERE.  Thank you for taking the time to look at “Cara Nicole AZ Powergirl Photobook 1 Ultimate Edition,” time is running out, so let’s unlock the second stretch goal and see how many more can be unlocked!  This Photobook DOES ship internationally, so everyone worldwide can own a copy!  Click on the banner below to visit Cara Nicole AZ Powergirl’s official website:


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