After an epic journey across the globe to steal Sinbad‘s greatest treasure, Xero has now earned himself the title ‘The King of Thieves.’  But was it worth it?  As the King of Thieves, Xero is now responsible for Bag, a living bag which will destroy the world if it isn’t fed stolen items regularly.  Xero must now live his life bearing the responsibility of the title and constantly steal to keep the world safe.


After a scuffle with a mercenary during a heist, Bag nearly destroys the world.  Xero feeds Bag something stolen just in the nick of time, calming Bag down.  Xero starts to notice that Bag is becoming more unstable, and not lasting as long per feed.

At long last, the next chapter of Jin Chan Yum Wai‘s “Xero: King of Thieves” has arrived, which is currently featured in issue #89 of Saturday AMSaturday AM is “a bi-weekly digital English-language magazine, featuring diverse artists, characters and, the hottest amateur manga webcomics in the world.


Chapter: End+2 An Old Friend” begins with Xero and Bag on top of a travel trailer (taking a nap), and as the chapter indicates, they’re on their way to visit S’Ree, “an old friend,” in Tsiwei.  Of course, being the King of Thieves, this ride isn’t going to be a smooth one, so the family that’s riding in the vehicle slam on their brakes, because there’s a gang blocking their path.  What the family and the gang don’t realize is that Xero (and Bag), are on top of the trailer.  This is good news for the family, but not so much for the gang who are trying to steal the family’s vehicle.


A fight scene occurs next, and this is where the readers see Xero in action and just how skilled he is.  But this gang isn’t much of a threat for someone with the skill level like Xero, so he and Bag have no problems with this fight.  It’s nice to see how helpful and effective Bag is with Xero.  Like the previous chapter, when Xero needs something to help himself out, Bag spews it out of his mouth and provides that item for him.  Big or small, Bag has it all!  Since Xero helped the family out with the gang, the family continues to drive Xero and Bag to their destination.


Once they arrive to Tsiwei, Xero and Bag hop off the top of the travel trailer.  After stealing a little something for Bag to snack on, Xero arrives at his friend’s place.  Xero‘s friend, S’Ree, is bar-tending and happy to see Xero after not seeing him in a long time.  However, being the King of Thieves, all the customers head straight for the door when they see Xero walking into the tavern.  The conversations that Xero and S’Ree have during this time is great to see because readers will notice how close these two friends are; how much history they have together.  This part is also important for upcoming chapters and what may happen next…


Whatever happens next, readers will look forward to the next installments for this series.  The setup is hinted toward the end of the story, and what is seen in the final panel will make readers ask some questions.  This is a nice way to end a story, and the anticipation for the next chapter is definitely escalated!  I can’t wait to see what Jin Chan Yum Wai has in store for us next, and I’m eagerly waiting for the next chapter to see what happens next!


Overall, I enjoyed reading this chapter, the action starts off in the beginning of this issue, but the characterization follows smoothly during the second half of this story.  Seeing the wonders that Bag can do and the friendship that Xero and S’Ree have is fantastic, readers can see and “feel” the history these characters have with each other.  The artwork and story by Jin Chan Yum Wai is getting better with each issue, and I highly recommend this series to any independent comic book/manga reader!  I rate “XERO: King of Thieves, Chapter 2, ” 4.6 out of 5 Geek-Heads!  This is one of five stories featured in issue #89 of Saturday AM!  There are also interviews, pin-ups, and much more in each publication!  Saturday AM is actually offering issue #89 for free by clicking HERE OR…you can purchase a yearly subscription to Saturday AM for as low as $5 (basic plan; 20 issues per year), by clicking HERE.  There is also a premium membership offered at $25 per year, with more incentives.



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