The fifth issue of “Plague” was released digitally on May 30, 2018, and looking at the cover, readers will notice that this is the final issue in this series.  How will this story end?  I took my time reading this issue because I’ve enjoyed the story and art so far, and I don’t want to see it end, but like all great stories ever told…everything comes to an end.  “Plague” is created by Dennis MaGee Fallon, Jason Palmatier, and Zach Brunner.  Pencils, inks, and colors by Zach Brunner, lettering by Dave Sharpe, and written by Dennis MaGee Fallon and Jason Palmatier; published by Harry Markos for Markosia Comics.


The story begins with intensified action scenes due to the cliffhanger from the previous issue.  The Warbishop Jean de Moray wastes no time in his attempt to eliminate the Fey, Twylyth Tegg (King of the Fey) and Danann Atreyu.  As the protagonists make a narrow escape from the roof collapsing (where they found temporary shelter), the Warbishop Jean de Moray isn’t so fortunate…or is he?


What happens next is the turning point in the story, the characters and readers alike, will find out about sacrifices and loyalties.  So much in fact, that Twylyth Tegg has a moment of shock with the actions of Friar Robb Aubert.  This and what happens to one of the protagonists is jaw-dropping!  The action continues and the pacing of the story moves forward in a nice way.


It’s nice to see faerie Danann Atreyu more  involved in this story.  Seeing her stepping it up and making vigorous decisions, readers will see her values, her magic abilities, and the lengths she’ll go through to do the right thing.  Revelations are also made by Tegg and what he’s been scheming all this time since he joined Robb and Danann.  The story truly does become intense at this moment.


The rest of the story needs to be read and seen, I won’t spoil it any further from here.  However, this won’t be the end for this series, as the final page does state that the story is “to be continued,” so this made me happy.  What the creative team brought to the readers are characters that we will care about, specifically Robb and Danann.  This (final) issue has a few extra pages, so the flow of the story is perfect for this story arc.  This and it adds excitement for the next chapters of “Plague.”


The story by Dennis MaGee Fallon and Jason Palmatier is ground breaking, “Plague” is a comic series that all comic book readers should check out!  As I’ve stated before, “readers won’t just be reading a story, they’ll be sucked into this world and feel like they’re living this adventure with the main characters.”  The artwork and colors by Zach Brunner continue to be stunning like they have been throughout this series.  From the lights and the darks, the shading and the highlights…the artwork and colors tell a story on their own!   The lettering by Dave Sharpe are executed nicely as they have been throughout this series, contributing to the precision of the story.  Fantastic series by the creative team!


Overall, the conclusion to “Plague” is just too good for words.  I can’t recommend a modern day mini-series more than I can with “Plague.”  This series may have had a (somewhat) slow start, but it finished strong.  There are rare times where a mini-series comes to an end, and as a reader…you want more!  This is Markosia Comics‘ “Plague.”  You can purchase it on comiXology by clicking HERE.  The conclusion to “Plague” is Anything Geek Culture’s second comic book to receive the title of a “Hidden Gem.”  A masterpiece.  Kudos to the hard work the creative team put into this series, specifically this issue.  I rate “Plague #5,” 5 out of 5 Geek-Heads!




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