I was given the opportunity to receive an advanced copy of the new “Geek-Girl” mini-series by creator/author Sam Johnson.  Opportunities like this are an honor, to be one of the first readers for an upcoming comic book series, and to review the premiere issue.  “Geek-Girl Volume 2 #1: Crime War Part 1”  is written by Sam Johnson, art by Carlos Granda, colors by Chunlin Zhao, and lettered by Paul McLaren.  The page count is at 24 pages and this premiere issue has a release date of May 30, 2018.  The rating is Teen+ and the price retails at $2.99.

Cover for “Geek-Girl Vol. 2 #1”

Following are some blurbs for this new series from Sam Johnson:

After ‘Little Miss Popular’ Ruby Kaye landed a pair of power-inducing super-tech glasses from her college’s resident brainiac, Ruby alienated the majority of her clique while klutzily trying to demonstrate her newfound abilities – accidentally knocking drinks over their expensive designer dresses. Her BFF Summer James was into what Ruby could do now, though – and pushed her into trying to be a super-hero – jokily giving her the moniker ‘Geek-Girl,’ following her actions.

Variant Cover for “Geek-Girl Vol. 2 #1”

In a desperate fight to save her city of Maine from mysterious new villain Lightning Storm, Ruby gave her all… and neither she nor Lightning Storm were left standing…

Now, new-crooks-on-the-block The League of Larcenists look to grow in number and capitalize on the hole in law enforcement left by Lightning Storm. And in Ruby’s absence, Summer has picked up the glasses and taken on the mantle of Geek-Girl…

“Geek-Girl Vol. 2 #1,” Page 1

One noticeable detail that Geek-Girl fans will notice on the regular cover is that the titular character isn’t Ruby Kaye.  For those of us who have read the first mini-series, we all know who the new Geek-Girl is, and for those who are new to this series…take this time and read Volume 1 (for a print copy in the U.S. click HERE, in the UK click HERE)!  Not only will this story make sense, but the continuity picks up where the first story arc ended, titled “Lightning Strikes!”  This new series also flows with the free digital “Geek-Girl:What Ever Happened to Ruby Kaye? mailing list issue.  Besides, Geek-Girl is a fun, entertaining series, it’s on my highly recommended books to read, and the visuals add to the enjoyment of the story and these characters.

“Geek-Girl Vol. 2 #1,” Page 2

Since “Geek-Girl Volume 2 #1” won’t be released for another two weeks, I don’t want to spoil anything, but this new mini-series looks promising like its predecessor.  The legacy of Geek-Girl continues on like it did when Ruby Kaye held that mantle, meaning that the new Geek-Girl’s super powers don’t necessarily make her “super.”  The storytelling adds elements of realism, and this is what draws the readers into this universe, people will love some of these characters and dislike others.  There’s plenty of action, emotions, and down time, but this adds to the moments that the superheroes aren’t out there saving lives.  After all…superheroes need some down time just like everybody else, and these are the moments that reveal their true nature.

“Geek-Girl Vol.2 #1,” Page 3

Overall, this new Geek-Girl series is off to the right start.  The continuity is here, as this story picks up where the previous series ended, so make sure to read Volume 1 before reading this story!  The action, events, characterization, and all other elements about this comic book are balanced nicely, so make sure to pre-order your print copies soon!  I rate “Geek-Girl Volume 2 #1” 4.7 out of 5 Geek-Heads, it’s a nice start to a returning series with a new titular character.  “Geek-Girl Volume 2 #1” will be available on May 30, 2018 from publisher Markosia Comics.  I highly recommend reading this issue, and pre-orders can be found by clicking on the links below:

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Geek-Girl and all characters/contents copyright © 2018 Sam Johnson.