The fourth issue of “Plague” was released digitally on January 31, 2018, and judging by the cover, readers will be in for a thrill ride!  “Plague” is created by Dennis MaGee Fallon, Jason Palmatier, and Zach Brunner.  Pencils, inks, and colors by Zach Brunner, lettering by Dave Sharpe, and written by Dennis MaGee Fallon and Jason Palmatier; published by Harry Markos for Markosia Comics.


Looking at the cover for issue four of “Plague,” readers will notice the Warbishop Jean de Moray jumping high over flames, fighting what looks like a tree creature.  Judging by this cover alone, one can feel the intensity of what’s to come, within the pages of this story.  Given this and the cliffhanger from the previous issue, it seems like we’ll be introduced to some new characters, and the action will be top notch like the previous installments of this series.


The story picks up where the previous issue left off, where Twylyth Tegg (King of the Fey) declared “Stone Justice” to the troll, Grul.  The story ended with Grul punching the Earth, and the shattered rocks clung onto him like armor, making him massive in size.  One thing Tegg has in his favor is that he’s smaller than Grul, and he’s very agile.  Once the fight is over, readers will realize how skilled and tactical Tegg is when it comes to combat.


Shortly after, the protagonists make their way South in the Danish Lands, and they notice more and more people with this black plague.  Tegg, still not caring for humans, doesn’t care if these people die from the plague, whereas Friar Robb Aubert, Danann Atreyu, and the now servant troll, Bol, feel bad for these humans.  After an argument between Tegg and Robb, Robb sneaks into town to bring back supplies.  What Friar Robb witnesses that night has to be seen to believe…


I won’t spoil any more of this story, because the story is far from over, and the action intensifies when the scene shifts over to the Warbishop Jean de Moray.  What happens is definitely a turning point for the Warbishop, but only time will tell what he’ll do next.  More characters are introduced shortly after, and once again, this story ends with another cliffhanger that will have readers wanting more, and the story will wrap up in the next and final issue.


The story by Dennis MaGee Fallon and Jason Palmatier continues to be on point, and the mix of action and emotions are presented well throughout the story.  By this point in the story, readers won’t just be reading a story, they’ll be sucked into this world and feel like they’re living this adventure with the main characters.  The artwork and colors by Zach Brunner are stunning like they have been throughout this series.  Between the lights and the darks, the shading and the highlights…the artwork and colors set up the next set of scenes exquisitely.   The lettering by Dave Sharpe are executed nicely as well, contributing to the flow of the story.  Nicely done by the creative team!


Overall, this fourth chapter of “Plague” proves how well this story is, and the artwork and colors compliment it so well.  I rate the fourth issue of “Plague” 4.6 Geek-Heads out of 5, I highly recommend this series to indie comic book readers!  And for people who want to read something new and different, “Plague” is so worth reading and getting in to.  “Plague #4” can be purchased on comiXology HERE.



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