*UPDATED on Monday, March 5, 2018:

This campaign has ended, pledges can no longer be made. This page will be kept online for nostalgic purposes! Corpus: A Comic Anthology of Bodily Ailments” was funded with 825 backers for a total of $30,510! The hardcover version was unlocked as well as the four extra stories! Thank you all who pledged for this project!**

CORPUS: A COMIC ANTHOLOGY OF BODILY AILMENTS is a comic anthology about mental illness, physical illness and healthcare experiences.

I found out about this Kickstarter through my friend, writer Stephanie Cannon, who is a contributor to this anthology.  Below is the Kickstarter promo video, and after watching it, I realized how many people in the comics business have illnesses.  So much in fact, that I didn’t feel alone…as a type-2 diabetic.  The realization made me emotional, but it also made me feel like I don’t have to feel alone in this wonderful world of geekdom that I love so much!


CORPUS: A COMIC ANTHOLOGY OF BODILY AILMENTS is an anthology about illness, both mental and physical, in any form as well as healthcare experiences. It is a full color book with over 200 pages of content from some incredibly talented folks tackling a huge variety of personal, scary, hilarious, and poignant topics regarding illness. There are 40 stories ranging from peanut allergies to losing an eye, from depression to epilepsy, from what it is to care for a sick person to tackling the stigma of a chronic illness yourself.

Cover for “Corpus: A Comic Anthology of Bodily Ailments

Everyone’s been sick at some point, some for short periods, some for their entire lives. We are all united by the fact that we navigate the world with our bodies, and it deeply affects the way we exist. Everyone has a story. Stories have the power to spark empathy. These stories of illness connect us, remove the fear of the disabled and the unknown. After all, health is a funny thing like that. Most don’t really think about their own health until it’s compromised.

The Curse” by Christof  Bogacs and Kaska Gazdowna

Creator Nadia Shammas’ experience as a Type 1 Diabetic made her reflect on the lack of narratives about visible or invisible disabilities. Despite the fact that everyone has encountered illness there are very few stories about the experience in their popular narrative. It is her hope that with this project, the creators can begin the overdue conversation about health, healthcare, and empathy.

A Twisted Tale” by Ryan Estrada

We are Kickstarting to cover creator fees and printing costs. Please help us make CORPUS a reality!

Our Roster of Creators:


Bathroom Break” by DCS

Seeing how important this anthology is, this is a project that HAS to be fully funded.  Me, as a type-2 diabetic, I was surprised at how many comic book creators had bodily ailments (or know people near and dear to them that have illnesses).  Whether it’s OCD, diabetes, anxiety, depression, or even allergies, the harsh reality is that these ailments exist in the real world, and that’s what makes this Kickstarter project special.  Adding to this are the very talented teams who helped create this anthology, readers will experience stories that haven’t been reflected in this medium.  Click HERE to view the Kickstarter page, and please help this project come to life by making a pledge.  The goal is $25,000 and as of this posting (Saturday, February 10, 2018), the project is at $11,431 with 22 days until this Kickstarter project ends.  Don’t miss out, make those pledges now to reserve this anthology that will break barriers in the comic book medium!

Odin’s Eye” by Cody Sousa and Ben D’Amico

Below are some of the reward tiers.  Not all are featured here, to see all the reward tiers, click on the Kickstarter page HERE, then you can decide which reward best suits your needs.  Some artist commissions are still available, these are one-of-a kind items, so pledge for those before they’re gone!


Here’s the postcard set with five original illustrations:


This “Enamel Pin is a 1.5″ cut-out with raised floral details featuring the figure from the book’s cover.


The “Kickstarter exclusive art print, drawn by Jen Vaughn (GOOSEBUMPS, THE SECRET LOVE OF GEEKS) will be printed on 8X10 premium paper.


Thank you very much for viewing this page and the official Kickstarter page.  Bodily ailments hits us all in some sort of way, whether it’s something we have, or an illness a loved one has, consider backing this project.  We are NOT alone, and this anthology will help us prove that.  It’s time to spread awareness, and “Corpus: A Comic Anthology of Bodily Ailments” by Nadia Shammas and the various creative teams working on this project, will share their stories with us, the readers.  Only by pledging and funding this project, we can hold this book in our hands, and enjoy the stories and artwork that everyone (mentioned above) took their time to work on.  In my honest opinion…it’ll be so worth it!


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