Five teenage girls.  All super powered.  All Cousins.

Trained by their Great-Grandmother, the original superhero, the five cousins of TEAM SYNERGY are the next generation of heroes.  Making their public debut to the world stopping what they think is a routine bank robbery, they stumble into a much larger plot involving a group of mercenaries, a powerful witch, a mysterious cult, and a young orphan girl.

For every girl who never had a hero of her own, this is TEAM SYNERGY!

Team Synergy Volume 1 Cover

Team Synergy” is created and written by Alan Hebert Jr, penciled and inked by Scott Shriver, with colors and letters by Chris Hebert.  Issues two and three feature flats by Rian Tags and copy edits by Paul Hogan.  Issue one was originally published in December of 2015, issue two in May of 2016, and the third issue was released in June of 2017.  The Kickstarter for “Team Synergy” launched on January 13, 2017 and ended on February 24, 2017, fully funded to bring this project to life.  The Kickstarter was to fund the trade paperback, which collects the first three issues that tells the story arc of “SpellBound.”

Team Synergy Issue #1

This trade paperback features bonus materials such as exclusive art, behind the scenes sketches, character profiles, and more.  Some of the Kickstarter tiers featured back issues, T-Shirts, an exclusive action figure, commissioned artwork, sketch cards, and so much more.  This was a nice Kickstarter, and the trade paperback is beautifully bound from cover to cover.

Kickstarter Sketch Cards I Received!

Team Synergy” has an interesting backstory on its creation, and the “Forward,” prior to the story, details this in fine point.  After reading this introduction, it’ll hype readers to get started with this trade paperback.  The action commences once the story begins, and readers will have their first glimpse of the main characters.  The action is fast paced, and readers will see what super powers each character has.  Readers will also pick up the characteristics that each member of Team Synergy has. Five cousins, all super powered…they’ll definitely have different personalities, and this is what makes each character unique in her own way.

Team Synergy Issue #2

The mystery begins when the girls’ great-grandmother wonders why nine armed women would go after one orphaned girl.  Who are the armed women?  Who do they work for?  Who is the orphaned girl they’re after?  The biggest question is, why are they after this orphaned girl?  All these questions will be answered while reading this trade, and readers can expect a thrill ride with some revelations that will make for some interesting reading.

Team Synergy Issue #3

The nice aspect of this series are the five cousins and the differences between them.  Their powers differ from each other, but does this mean that they can work successfully as a team?  Many teams fail certain missions due to cockiness or superiority in super powers, but will this make an impact since these girls are all related?  Will this simplify things?  Here are the character profiles of Team Synergy and some of their signature quotes:

Awesome Girl, Team Leader
Hot Pink

Overall, this was a fun series to read.  It’s nice that it’s aimed for younger girls, but this series can be enjoyed by anybody.  These girls are characters that can be looked up to, and they have good morals.  This is a graphic novel that I can easily read to my little daughter, and I’m sure she’ll enjoy it as much as I did.  The story by Alan Hebert Jr. is on point and the characters are given proper introductions, so by story’s end, readers will care about these characters.  The artwork by Scott Shriver is stunning and it fits perfect for this style and genre.  From cover to cover, this trade paperback is an instant hit, and I highly recommend “Team Synergy Volume 1.”

Team Synergy

I rate this graphic novel 4.6 out of 5 Geek-Heads, and it can be purchased directly from HBComics by clicking HERE.



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