**This Kickstarter project has ended, and no more pledges can be made!  It was fully funded on Sunday, October 15, 2017.  This page will be kept online for nostalgic purposes.**

The 4th Monkey” is a comic book anthology for awareness about environmental and social issues that launched earlier today.  The goal is to raise $7,500.00 in order to make this project come to life with 32 days left to pledge (as of this posting). This anthology is co-edited by James E. Roche and Daniel Farrand. Below are some quotes taken directly from the Kickstarter page, and this way people will know more about this anthology before making a pledge.

The 4th Monkey is a comic book anthology featuring stories to raise awareness about environmental and social issues. Brought to life by 20+ comic book creators, each team will be creating a story about something that is near and dear to their hearts… or just something that’s been bothering them. The 100 page book will feature 8 short stories revolving around the following topics: Online Bullying. Poaching. Political Polarization. Mental Abuse. Ocean Pollution. Pesticides. Alcoholism. Suicide.

Cover for “The 4th Monkey”

There are A LOT of problems in the world, and we can’t possibly tackle them all. The 4th Monkey is our attempt to do something about the ones pulled right out of the hearts of the contributing creators. Sure, you may feel stronger about some than you do others, but the quickest way to someone’s heart is through story. So, if you finish this book with even the slightest thirst for more knowledge, or were simply entertained, then I like to think that we did our job.

Abbey Road pin-up by Salomon Farias

But… The 4th Monkey? What does that even mean?

Playing on the 3 Mystic Monkeys proverb, “See No Evil – Hear No Evil – Speak No Evil”, The 4th Monkey is one who is not blinded. It is aware and wants the world to take notice, before it’s too late.


Due to the heavy subject matter of some of the stories, the tones range from serious, to sad, and even funny. There’s action, drama, hijinks, and even super heroes. We’re hoping that every story locks you in and takes you for a completely different ride from the next.

Below are “1 page previews from each of the current stories featured in The 4th Monkey. Every story is lettered by the great and power HDE.

“Dark Waters” – Ocean Pollution. [W] James E. Roche [A] Hus Ozkan
“Painted Prey” – Poaching. [W] Daniel Farrand [A] Chris Madd [C] Shawna Madd
“No Going Back” – Suicide. [W] Brian Hawkins [A] Kristofor Harris
“Empty Bottles” – Alcoholism. [W] Kelly Bender [A] Raphael Andrade [C] Tomas Marijanovic
“The Scout” –  Pesticides. [W] Madeleine Holly Rosing [A] Ed Jimenez [C] Kote Carvajal
“The Damaged” – Mental Abuse. [W] Bob Salley [A] Stan Yak [C] Josh Jensen
“Social Consequences” – Online Bullying. [W] Rob Andersin [A] James Erik Hodson
“Rats in the Kitchen” – Political Polarization. [W] Russell Nohelty [A] Nic Touris
…and for the people who pledge (for a physical reward) within the first 48 hours after this Kickstarter launch, thy will receive this limited edition art print by Francesco Tomaselli…


This is only a fraction of what you can see on “The 4th MonkeyKickstarter page.  There, you will see pin-ups, information on the creators of this anthology, and so much more!  So go on over and click on the Kickstarter link HERE (or on the links throughout this page), browse the rewards, and make a pledge on one of the rewards best suited for you!


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