When a kind English friar on the Scottish border cares for an injured fairy he believes to be human, he becomes an unwitting pawn in a war between the Catholic Church and the ancient and vengeful spirit creatures known as the Aos Sí.


The second issue of “Plague” continues off right where the premiere issue left off.  “Plague” is created by Dennis MaGee Fallon, Jason Palmatier, and Zach Brunner.  Pencils, inks, and colors by Zach Brunner, lettering by Dave Sharpe, and written by Dennis MaGee Fallon and Jason Palmatier; published by Harry Markos for Markosia Comics.


The story begins with the antagonist of the story, Warbishop Jean de Moray, having a conversation with Friar Robb Aubert, who is currently hiding Danann Atreyu, the fairy Warbishop Moray’s searching for.  Danann uses what little Fey magic she has to eavesdrop on their conversation, and even though she’s out of human sight, animals and the spirit-touched can still sense her.  The Warbishop realizes that Friar Robb has lost his faith, so he has some words of wisdom for the Friar, and he hands him his Rosary Beads that were carved from the cross that Christ was crucified on.  Or are they?


Once the Warbishop leaves with his men and the caravan, Friar Robb heads to the bell tower, and Danann finds him up there.  At this point in the story, these two characters finally have the chance to properly introduce themselves to each other.  After having a brief conversation, Danann checks on her wounds, while she’s alone.  As night falls, dark shadows lurk within the forest, and a shadowy figure finally found the fairy, Danann.  The next morning, Danann tells Friar Robb that the place is a mess, so they work hard to clean up the old abbey.  Later on, somebody shows up to slay Friar Robb.


Just as Friar Robb is about to be slain, Danann jumps in to save him, and a major revelation occurs here, whilst Friar Robb sees Danann without a coat on.  This is where the action of the story begins, and it involves the Dyrewolves, Twylyth Tegg (the newly appointed King of the Fey), Warbishop Moray, and his men.  The battle is intense, and like the premiere issue, the cliffhanger at the end of this story will make readers want to come back for the third issue.


Plague #2” starts off slower than the first issue, but the dialog in the beginning is necessary to progress the story.  It’s these points in any story that I mention time and time again, every great story needs a mix of action, drama, and moments where things slow down a bit; these characters need to appear realistic, per se, and the stories have to come together as a whole.  “Plague #2” does a really nice job of doing this.  Readers will see how corrupt the Warbishop is.  Readers get to see the good that is within Friar Robb and Danann’s characters.  The characterization is coming along so well in issue two.


The artwork and colors by Zach Brunner bring this world to life, the visuals are truly stunning.  The lettering by Dave Sharpe are executed nicely as well, the narratives are strategically placed, and they progress the story at a wonderful pace.


Overall, I rate “Plague #2” 4.5 out of 5 Geek-Heads!  I highly recommend this series for people who want to read something new, fresh, and well put together.  Readers can buy “Plague #2” on Comixology HERE.




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