“Welcome to the bloody big top! Writer Mira Mortal and artist John “Jar” Rodriguez present this one-shot graphic novel that puts a fresh twist on zombie-horror and takes “wigging out” to a whole new level! A complete side-show of gore, suspense, hilarity, and circus pandemonium!”


“Hours before show time, a toxic ingredient in a batch of white make-up has turned circus clowns into flesh-hungry zombies! Join our band of survivors, who use their unique talents to battle the horde: A renowned pair of high-flying trapeze artists, a fierce and fearsome bearded lady, deadly knife-throwing dwarf twins, a family of contortionists, and more get in on the gory action as they try to get through the night….Make-up free!”


I discovered this graphic novel while browsing through Comixology’s “New Indie Releases” category.  Being a big fan of creepy clowns, I didn’t hesitate to purchase this digital comic.  The plot synopsis sealed the deal for me, and the painted artwork, in the three-page preview, looked promising.  This one-shot graphic novel has creepy clowns, zombies, side-show characters, gore, horror, suspense, and hilarity…it literally has it all within this book!  But the question is, is this big-top show worth purchasing and reading?  Continue on to find out…


Looking at the cover, readers see a creepy clown face, from the big red nose, down to his lower neck.  The credits page looks like a vintage circus poster, and this is when readers will feel the nostalgia of the circus.  The story begins with a clown who’s applying his makeup on, but something doesn’t seem right.  At first glance, readers see the innocence of the man, before he applies his clown makeup on, and transforms into an evil looking clown.  But something’s not right, as the circus clown begins to act different.  Elsewhere at the circus, readers are introduced to the trapeze artists, Charlie and Lottie.  They can’t practice their routine due to no net underneath them, so they decide to snack on some unhealthy chocolate bars.  Shortly, they hear a commotion underneath them, and they notice a zombie clown (Earl) approaching another clown, Jeff, but Lottie shouts out to the zombified Earl, and he notices the two ladies high up on the pedestal board.  The zombified Earl runs toward them, but the big question is…can he get way up there?


This is where the story has its core of action and gore.  Another clown appears, and this is where the discovery is made…the clown makeup, it’s what’s making these transformations, and turning the clowns (or anyone who touches their makeup), into zombies.  More circus performers are introduced, and they’e ready to take on these zombie-clowns!  This is where the readers discover how close the carnies are, they’re bound by honor, like they’re one big, happy family.  Who will survive?  Who will perish?  Only by reading this, will you be able to find out.


For a fifty-two page graphic novel, this book was a quick read.  Some pages have more artwork than words, but the story is presented well through the various illustrations.  John Rodriguez’s artwork meshes well with this genre, the clowns look creepy, the gore will make heads turn, and the expressions on the characters faces are spot on.  The story by Mira Mortal has a nice mix of variety: Horror, gore, emotions, mirthfulness, fun, and a high entertainment value.  In all honesty, if people are afraid of clowns, the ones with a serious case of coulrophobia, then this book isn’t for them.  Seriously.  The way these clowns are illustrated, in zombie form, they’re horrific.  And the final page of this book, it’s too good to spoil on here…but it’s a great ending!


Overall, this book didn’t disappoint.  The story has it’s fair share of creepy zombie clowns, gore, horror, and action, but it also makes readers realize that no matter where you work, your closest coworkers can be like family.  If they’re in danger, others will come to assist them, and the story reflects on this very well.  From the trapeze artists, to the sideshow people, the contortionists, and the knife throwers…these characters are ones whom readers will take a liking to as the story progresses.  As for the zombie clowns, they’re not your typical type of zombies either, they do things unimaginable throughout this story.  I rate this graphic novel 4.6 Geek-Heads out of 5, highly recommended for people who love creepy clowns, zombies, gore, and horror.  “Made-Up: Zombie Clown Circus,” has a rating of 15+, retails for $3.99 (digital version), is published by Source Point Press, and may be purchased HERE.



© and TM 2017 by Mira Mortal and John Rodriguez. ©2017 Source Point Press. All rights reserved.