Lupe’s adventure continues! Does she really have magic superpowers, and who will she turn to for help?”  An interesting question indeed…



Quince #2” picks up where the previous issue left off, where the protagonist, Lupe, discovers that she has magical superpowers.  “Quince #2” has an age rating of 9+ only (for some minor wording), and is published by Fanbase Press.  This series is created by Sebastian Kadlecik, written by Kit Steinkellner, and illustrated by Emma Steinkellner.  Looking at the cover, we see Lupe hovering over some buildings, and several balloons are floating off to the right.  Perhaps this is an acquired power she will discover, and it may happen during her quinceañera.



When something out of the ordinary happens, it’s customary to think that one is dreaming, so what do people normally do?  Pinch themselves, slap their own faces, or maybe even run into a wall.  The bottom line is…if it hurts, it’s not a dream, the abnormal occurrence is real, and in a comical way, Lupe finds this out the hard way.  But thank goodness for her abuelita (grandma), Emma, she helps Lupe calm down, and set things right.  The relationship that Lupe has with her grandma is wonderful, she loves her abuelita so much, and she would never want to disappoint her, and because of her abuelita’s soothing nature, Lupe has the best time at her quinceañera.



However, later on that evening, Lupe steps out for a breather, and to analyze what happened earlier.  Were her nerves built up earlier that she imagined she had magical superpowers?  Maybe a few deep breaths and some fresh air will help, maybe she’s not crazy.  But what happens to Lupe at story’s end?  Is she really crazy, or maybe, just maybe, she really does have…magical superpowers?  Read this story to find out.



The story continues nicely here, but the twelve pages of story just aren’t enough!  When new readers get hooked on this story, they’ll definitely want more, and will continue reading the next installments.  This series has a great mix of humor, emotions, and the elements of surprise, it’s as if the readers are discovering new things with Lupe.  And it’s easy to feel all warm and fuzzy when Emma makes her appearances, she’s like a grandma to the readers as well (especially for those of us who’ve been without grandparents for many years now).


Through the storytelling and the artwork, the characterization is coming together well.  I rate “Quince #2” 4.6 Geek-Heads out of 5, this is a series that gets better as the story goes on.  Once again, ComiXology has two versions available, you may purchase the English version HERE, and/or the Spanish version HERE.



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