Max is the least popular kid at school. He has a crush on the most popular girl in school, Candy! He has decided he’s going to ask her to be his girlfriend, what do think she will say?


High School Romance” is a series I discovered on ComiXology while browsing the “New Indie Releases” category a few weeks ago.  Soon after, I found it on the Tapastic (Tapas) app, and on the official website HERE.  It’s free to read on the Tapas app and on the official website, and this issue costs $0.99 on ComiXology, so it’s a great price to have the entire first chapter in one single, digital issue.  “High School Romance” is written and illustrated by Jin Chan Yum Wai, with art assists by Matt Lutton.  From the get-go, looking at the cover, it has white backdrops with various shades of pink, so readers will know this issue will be colored like this throughout the first chapter.  I like to call this first chapter the “pink issue.”


From the title, readers immediately know that the setting of this series will be at a high school.  As I’ve stated in my last review, “stories that take place in a school setting can be so much fun and interesting.  Within every school across the nation, there are so many stories that can be told, and everyday within those hallways, there are so many things going on with the students and their behaviors.”  This series is different though, and that’s what makes “High School Romance” stand out.  From the first page of the story, readers are introduced to Max, and he looks like a typical, nerdy high school kid.  As usual, he’s in love with the popular girl, but what makes this series different…is he’s going to do something about it.


Max goes to Mt. Taylor High School, and shortly after, readers are introduced to Max’s best friend, Spenders.  Spenders is…different.  He’s obsessed with Asian people, martial arts, and martial arts movies.  So naturally, he thinks that any Asian person can teach him Kung-Fu, even though Asian people think he’s a fool.  Max tells Spenders that he’s going to ask Candy out, even though Spenders thinks that doing this is social suicide.  But Max is set on doing this, he’s pumped…nothing will stand in his way; he’s on a mission.


Of course, when the school nerd approaches the most popular girl in school, she has no idea who he is, even though the nerdy kid has had a major crush on her for years.  This is the case with Max, as he anxiously approaches Candy.  Sweaty and nervous, Max briefly tells Candy who he is, and he asks the question that a lot of guys can’t even imagine doing in the real world…Max asks Candy out on a date.


The scene shifts to the principal, as he calls the guidance counselor, Ms. Kelly, to his office.  This is where things get interesting, because word of Max asking Candy out has spread quick, and that’s what all the students are talking about.  Then readers are introduced to the most popular boy in school, the captain of the football team…Elliot.  Then there’s Candy’s two friends (more like her shadows), Princess and Jewell, who think way too highly of themselves.  What will Candy’s response be?  Will she go out on that date with Max?  What will the principal think of this?  What about the popular kids, Elliot, Princess, and Jewell…what do they think of Max dating Candy?  High school drama, readers will definitely find this here, and by the end of chapter one, they’ll find out Candy’s response as well.


The “pink issue” was a lot of fun to read, and it surprised me that Max asked out Candy immediately after he was introduced in this premiere issue.  The point of this story isn’t whether Candy will say yes or no, it’s more about acceptance from their fellow peers.  From the other students, to the high school staff, this first story sets the foundation on who stands where on this dating situation.  As a former high school nerd, I give kudos to Max for doing something I only dreamt about back when I was in high school.  This is why I was able to relate to this book, the difference is, I would’ve taken Spenders’ advice, and I wouldn’t have asked the girl out.  This story answers the “what if?” concept, and the next set of chapters will reveal what will become of Max and Candy.  I mean, it could work out, stereotypes were meant to be broken.  Who says the school nerd can’t date the most popular girl in school?  I rate “High School Romance #1,” 4.8 Geek-Heads out of 5, I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to break out of the norm, and just go for it!  This story will change the outlook of the shallowness that some students have in high school, and how one event can change things.



High School Romance © 2015–2017 Jin Chan Yum Wai