Raymond Leonard’s Kickstarter for his series, “Agent Solo” ended during the last quarter of 2016, and shipments have been sent out to all those who pledged to his project.  I chose the “Agent Solo: Extravaganza Deal,” which included the Agent Solo action figure, three 11 x 17 prints, an 11 x 17 full-body Agent Solo commission, the T-Shirt, a bonus sketch, and the autographed print copy of the book.  This also includes an executive producer listing on the credits page, so overall, this was a great deal.  Raymond also individually drew a bust of Agent Solo on each of the envelopes he sent out to his backers, so this was a neat, creative idea he came up with.

Agent Solo bust illustrated on the envelope.

Unfortunately, there was a downpour in Chicago today…the day that I received this package!  I feared this might happen, but I opened the envelope carefully.  The wonderful thing is that Raymond packaged these really well.  Nothing on the inside was wet or damaged, and everything was carefully wrapped in a plastic bag, surrounded by thick pieces of cardboard.  I was relieved after seeing all the contents were undamaged, so now I can rest easy.


Here’s the printed book, autographed nicely in metallic gold ink.  For the full review, click HERE.  I can’t recommend this book more, it was easily worthy of Anything Geek Culture’s very first “Hidden Gem” honor.

Bonus sketch card of Agent Solo.
Agent Solo T-Shirt.
Exclusive Pin-Up by Christian Colbert.
Exclusive Pin-Up by Jon Malin.
Exclusive Pin-Up by Christian Colbert.
Action Figure by Short Fuse Media Group.
Art Commission by Raymond Leonard.

Overall, what a great Kickstarter this was.  From the digital download last year, to the physical items this year, it was an honor to be a backer of this project.  Kickstarter is a great way to support independent (indie) comics, and to be a part of these projects.  The future is indie comics, and that’s what Anything Geek Culture is all about.  To showcase these indie titles and make people aware of them.

Be sure to catch Raymond Leonard at this year’s Florida Supercon on July 27 – 30 at the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center.  Click HERE for more details.


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