“Previously…After a typical happy day with his typical happy family, a young boy named Kevin wakes up to a world where everyone over the age of 18 wants to kill everyone UNDER the age of 18.  Kevin narrowly escapes several attempts on his life, eventually meeting Matt and Alex: two high school ROTC kids who have been saving neighborhood children.  After going back to Matt’s place, they find Alex has locked some of the other kids in the upstairs bathroom.  Kevin isn’t too happy about this.  He confronts Alex, and Matt steps in to diffuse the situation by separating the two boys.”


And so begins the third issue of “HiDE,” from writer/artist/colorist/letterer Vernon Smith.  As the story continues, the protagonist of this series, Kevin, distinctly stands up and shows true leadership with the older and younger rescued kids.  Kevin’s ways of thought, his humanity, is what’s going to keep all the kids safe.  So much in fact, that Matt is impressed with Kevin’s  spiel.  Matt also makes Kevin realize that Alex is really a good guy, but with every crazy thing going on in their neighborhood, Alex lost his cool.  Can’t really blame the kid for doing so, but these things happen naturally when catastrophe strikes in one’s neighborhood.


Matt comes up with a great idea to calm the little kids down…offer them ice cream!  As the kids follow Matt downstairs, Kevin notices a little girl, who is terrified, and speaks no words.  Somehow, she listens to Kevin’s words, knows that he’s a good guy, and trusts him like he was her older brother.  An emotional scene evolves shortly after, and one key phrase, spoken by Kevin, can change the life of the little girl. This brings a big smile on the little girl’s face.


Kevin and the little girl make their way downstairs, and they join the others, as the other kids enjoy their ice cream.  Matt and Alex realize that they can’t stay at Matt’s house, it isn’t safe there, so they do some brainstorming.  Once a plan is thought out, Matt and Kevin have to go back outside to get a neighbor’s van, so all the kids can fit inside.  Matt and Kevin have to go across the street, to Mr. Harold’s house, and Alex knows where he keeps the keys to the van.  The two boys grab some weapons and make their way to Mr. Harold’s house.  The following scene is so disturbing, so messed up…it needs to be seen to fully understand what I’m referring to!  It’s bold, it’s so twisted and dark…this will make the opening scenes of the first issue pale in comparison!  Will the boys find the keys to the van and escape?  Read this book to find out.


As the story progresses, we get more character development, and we see how the older kids respond to the situations going on.  Not only do they have to fend for themselves, but they are responsible for the safety of the other kids.  It’ll be interesting to see how Kevin, Matt, and Alex handle these responsibilities, and to see if there will be any casualties with the rescued kids.  The pacing of this issue is fantastic, there’s a fair mix of characterization, violence, sick and twisted situations, and a little emotional scene, all within twenty-two pages!  Readers will be rooting for these kids to stay alive, and be anxious to read the next installment.  I rate “HiDE #3” 4.9 Geek-Heads out of 5, I can’t recommend this book more, definitely worth reading, seeing, and experiencing!  “HiDE #3” can be purchased HERE from Comixology.



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