“After a typical happy day with his typical happy family, a young boy named Kevin wakes up to a world where everyone over the age of 18 wants to kill everyone UNDER the age of 18.”  This is the one-liner that describes this series by Vernon Smith.  Sounds interesting, so I purchased this book on Comixology.  The question is, will this series be as interesting as this tag-line?


Before the story begins, readers will see this page, “Based on a true story…”  Right away the reader will have several thoughts going on in their mind, “Did this really happen?”  “How messed up is this story that it really happened?”  “For real?  This actually happened?”  Then a sense of fear will strike, even though the story hasn’t begun yet.  This kind of intensity shows a lot of promise, it’s the basis of a new series that may be prodigious.


The opening sequence takes place at a child’s 5th birthday party.  The birthday girl is Julie, and she’s about to blow out her candles, but first, she has to make her wish.  Julie tells her older brother, Kevin, what she wished for…even though the superstition states that you’re not supposed to tell anyone what you wished for, otherwise it won’t come true.  Julie is handed a piece of cake from her dad, Steven, and he tells her that she can open presents after she finishes her cake, but for a five year old, this really isn’t going to be a problem.  Children and sweets, they go well together.


Once the party is over and all the guests leave, the best part follows…cleaning up the mess the guests left behind.  Steven puts Julie to bed, and due to the festivities, she’s out the moment her head hit the pillow.  The nine panels on the fifth (digital) page show a typical family moment, as the wife asks her husband to wash the dishes, and he tells his son to go to bed so he can rest up for the soccer tryouts the following morning.  A key moment occurs here, as there’s a major news announcement on the TV, and it’s this public safety message that will turn things around with this story…


…the next morning, this is when everything turns around.  This is the beginning where readers will be shocked, perplexed, and wondering what’s going on; what changed overnight.  It’s from this moment that the pace of the story changes, the momentum is high, the violent content is extreme, by the time readers get to the last page, they’ll want to read more to see what happens next!  The cliffhanger speaks its own words, stay tuned to find out what happens next.  This is a series that I purchased from Comixology for $1.99, with a strong story description and nice artwork, it was worth giving this book a chance.  I suggest readers give this book a read as well, it’s twisted, dark (in a bright setting, mind you), and so violent, for this genre, it’s bloody fantastic!  I rate “Hide #1” a 4.7 out of 5 Geek-Heads, and it can be purchased HERE from Comixology.



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