Box Office Poison Color Comics #2” was released on February 1, 2017, with 39 full color pages, and has a 15+ rating due to language and sexual themes.  This book is written and illustrated by Alex Robinson, colored by Pat N. Lewis, edited by Carlos Guzman, and published by Ted Adams for IDW Publishing and Top Shelf Productions.


Judging by the cover alone, readers can speculate that this issue will have something to do with Sherman at work.  Working in retail myself, I can relate to the questions that the customers are asking on this cover.  One of my favorite retail questions has to be, “Excuse me sir, do you work here?”  Store logo on polo shirt, check. Store phone/scanner attached to the holster on my hip, check.  Name badge, check.  Need I say more?  Reading the customer comments on the cover alone gave me a burst of laughter, subsequently, the hopes are high going into this second issue of “Box Office Poison.”


The story in this second book is titled, “Boiling Frog,” and the opening sequences take place at the bookstore that Sherman works at.  Like any job, people have good days, bad days, fun days, and the moods are set by the people that surround you throughout the day.  Here’s what makes this series realistic…spending the day with Sherman at work.  Seeing him deal with customers, coworkers, visitations from friends, and break time, it’s all scripted ideally here.  Readers who work in retail or have experienced retail life in the past will unequivocally relate to Sherman and his frustrations.  Basically, work is like a roller coaster, with all the ups-and-downs throughout the day, no matter what field you work in.


Several characters are introduced in this issue, some notable ones are Janice, a coworker and friend of Sherman’s, Janice’s fiancée, Duane (who may or may not be ugly), James, who was briefly in issue one, and “The Dragon,” the manager at the bookstore, Nellie.  The first half of this book ends with Sherman entering Nellie’s office, but is this a good meeting, or will this be the last day of work for Sherman?  Read this story to find out, and to see the mood Sherman’s in when he arrives home later on that night.  Sometimes, people need a little rest and relaxation after a long, hard day at work.


The second part of this book tells us the story of Jane and Stephen, and how they met.  This story is titled, “Ballad of Jane and Stephen,” and readers will see Jane in her high school days with her first set of boyfriends.  Jane’s first meeting with Stephen is…prodigious.  Once their story progresses, readers will have a sense of how close and in love these two characters are, whether they decide to get married or not, things won’t change in their relationship.  Their story has a wonderful ending.  There’s a distinctive feeling to it.


Overall, Alex Robinson has another winner with issue two of “Box Office Poison.”  Even though the first half is spent at work with Sherman, the art and script are presented so well, readers will feel like they work at the book store with Sherman, Janice, James, and even Nellie.  When reading the customers’ questions, readers will want to cringe, laugh, be helpful, or want to run far away, all carefully constructed with respect to them and with a friendly smile.  The second half adds the elements of romance, comedy, and drama splendidly.  It’s nice to see how Jane and Stephen met and the direction their relationship is going.  I rate “Box Office Poison Color Comics #2” 4.6 out of 5 Geek-Heads, so worth the read, and this book can be purchased on Comixology HERE.




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