While browsing through ComiXology’s “Indie Releases (formerly known as ComiXology Submit),” a book stood out from the others, and it’s called “Telepathetic #1.1,” from Sitcomics. The three-page preview showcases the artwork, and it’s fitting for the “school life” genre. Having a $1.99 price for a 28 page story sealed the deal, and it looks like a fun book to read.


This is the description for this premiere issue: “First-Timers! What if you were fourteen and could read minds? Or tell secrets to your best friend telepathically? Or mentally control a basketball so you never miss a shot? Telepathetic chronicles the surprising and hilarious adventures of Dirk and Marsha, a pair of ninth grade underdogs who gain amazing super-powers only to discover that the most popular girl in school has them too!”


Looking at the cover, we instantly have an idea on who’s Dirk Entresani, Marsha Moss, and the popular girl, Beth Williams. A nice feature from Sitcomics is that they introduce the main characters on the title page, so going into the story, you’ll know the major players. From the get-go, there are various comedic moments involving Dirk, and we get to see his characteristics; the kind of person he is and his actions at school. The same goes for his best friend Marsha, and we see how connected they are, and how strong their friendship is.


Later that night at Dirk’s home, Dirk and Marsha channel their minds to hear each other’s thoughts…but to no avail. Marsha flashes back to past experiments where she and Dirk have failed, and she realizes that they’ll never be superheroes. Dirk won’t give up though, and he convinces Marsha to stay until they find it within themselves to read each other’s minds. The face Dirk makes while in deep focus and thought is hilarious, these are panels that need to be seen to get the hilarity of this moment in the story. Once they’re successful, they try it again to make sure they can control the telepathy they just discovered, deep within themselves.


The next day at school, the students are taking a test, and Dirk wants Marsha to telepathically give him some answers, but she refuses because they’re supposed to use their powers for good, not bad. Because of their arguing, they discover another student in class who is telepathic as well, and in the midst of their shock, the story comes to a conclusion (for now). The story resumes in issue 1.2, coming soon. Two Sit-Commercials follow the main story, because a Sitcomic wouldn’t be complete without Sit-Commercials.


Overall, this book was fun to read, and the readers will be taken back to their high school days, whether it was on the side of the underdogs or the popular kids/jocks.

Sitcomics slogan is, “It’s TV you read.” This is their introduction: “Introducing Sitcomics – a new comic book company that gives popular comic book genres a sitcom twist. Founded by veteran TV writer Darin Henry (Seinfeld, Futurama, KC Undercover), Sitcomics mixes his two decades of sitcom writing experience with his lifelong love of comic books in a new line of titles that feature 21st century characters for 21st century readers.”


Being new to the comic book industry, Sitcomics is heading in the right direction. “Telepathetic” is a great read, highly recommended, and I rate it 4.5 out of 5 stars. It’ll be interesting to find out what happens next, and the next issue is eagerly anticipated. For now, there are three other titles from Sitcomics that are recommended books as well, but those reviews will follow shortly. For new comic book readers who want something new, fresh, with great story-telling and art, “Telepathetic #1” is a book that shouldn’t be passed up, and it can be found on ComiXology for $1.99 by clicking HERE. Written by Darin Henry, art and colors by Blair Shedd, and lettered by Marshall Dillon.




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**Originally published on April 17, 2016 for Examiner.**